FAST Markets

FAST is managing projects in key markets around the world.


imageIn Turkey, FAST is assisting in building a modern feed center that includes a feedlot and feed mill to fatten and finish beef cattle before slaughter.  Turkey’s growing middle class and booming demand for beef has driven meat prices to three times the level in the US.



In Tanzania, FAST is helping establish a feeding center and slaughterhouse, or “abattoir,” in the Kagera region in northwest Tanzania west of Lake Victoria.  There are plans to build or acquire three more slaughterhouses in the country and construct a centralized processing facility and cold storage facility.  These expansions are targeted to reach $100 million in capital by (1) constructing additional abattoirs and feeding centers, and (2) acquiring rangeland and cattle for raising a herd.


imageKurdistan, defined in the northern region of Iraq, is a stable, peaceful area with tremendous oil and gas resources that can pay to advance its people in all aspects of development, including food security.  Kurdistan can also be a safe export platform into the 30 million consumers in central Iraq and neighboring Syria.  FAST has had a team operating in country since May 2012, has established a local partner who is a leading businessman, and identified a 500-acre site for a feed center and abattoir.



Oman, located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, is a stable, peaceful country with long ties to the United Kingdom and vacation destination for Europeans.  It is surrounded by mountains that create a unique micro-climate with flowing rivers and grasslands.  It also has the second largest port in the Middle East in the city of Salala.  This port, on Oman’s southern border, is outside of the Persian Gulf, making it strategically immune to threats to Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the UAE.  An Omani private equity firm has been identified as a local partner and is developing a business model for a feed center and abattoir.  Though Oman is a small nation of only 3 million people, it can be an export platform to the 22 million in Saudi and 25 million in Yemen.