Using Partnerships for Modern Technology

Frontier Agri-Solutions & Training (FAST) teams bring together appropriate Technical Partners to serve the needs of the project.   These Technical Partners deliver the most modern, up to date technologies and techniques, closing the knowledge gap in emerging nations for lasting effect.

Alkaline/Sodic Soil and Water Remediation

imageFAST can utilize proprietary technology remediating such conditions and making land more productive by flushing the sodium from soil and creating a setting for higher yield crops for consumption or feed.

Saline/Saltwater Remediation

imageFAST can provide technology that separates the salts out of saline/brackish water to transform it into water usable for irrigation.

Saline (salt) Soil Remediation

imageFAST can deploy technology that binds soil particles and returns organic material to the soil.  This technology can remediate salt-crusted, unusable land and return it to productive within one growing season.

Renewable Energy

imageFAST can deliver on-site, packaged renewable energy platforms to developing regions.  The 55 KW system fits into two 20-ft shipping containers.

Hydroponic Fodder

imageFAST has the technology to grow up to 5 tons/day of green fodder in a laboratory building or onsite at a farm.  This is the equivalent of 1,200 acres of barley grown year-round and is ideal for yielding product in desert conditions.  This technology can be scaled up or down depending on the project needs.

Renewable Energy
with drinking water purification

imageFAST can administer renewable energy platforms and drinking water purification solutions to any project in the world.

Livestock Genetics


FAST can enlist the top livestock cell lines in the world and can deliver the best beef, dairy or swine genetics to farm and project sites, resulting in greater yields of product for sustainable generations.  FAST's genetic and reproductive programs deliver custom solutions for the needs of the project based on all of the individual environmental factors in play.

Dairy on-site processing


FAST can design and build an on-site mini-dairy processing plant.  A mini-dairy processing unit will create an extensive range of sophisticated dairy products from UHT bottled milk, to flavored butters to specialty cheeses and crème yogurts.  Processing on-site allows the dairy to access a market with product lines that are more profitable and with much higher margin.

Advanced Reproductive Technology


FAST has access to the world’s best genetic cell lines in an animal protein product.  These cell lines will be developed through technologies such as genetic indexing, Embryonic Transfer, InVitro Fertilization, Semen Sorting and Cloning.  All of these technologies can be brought to bear to build the most productive animals for each project.

Life Sciences and Research


FAST brings expertise in the fields of Life Sciences, Agriculture Research and Food Safety with a long history of in­novation in the life sciences, focusing on improving both human and animal health. Current programs range from pharmaceutical product development to microbiological forensics.  FAST scientists provide a customized approach to each project, answering questions in a variety of disciplines such as toxicology, virol­ogy, food safety, proteomics, molecular biology, and bioanalytical chemistry.